Hope Men

 With the guidance of the Holy Spirit: 
 through prayer, fellowship, & Biblical principles, 
 we seek to become the “Men of Hope Community Church” 
 that God has called us to be, 
 complete and mature in Christ. 

Our Mission

To serve the needs . . .
of the men of Hope Community Church by guiding each man to put his hope in Christ and providing a sense of belonging in the church as we build one another to maturity in Christ
To serve the church family . . .
as leaders, protectors, helpers and Christ-like examples as God instructed us to be through His Son Jesus Christ who taught us and left us instructions in the Bible.
Reach out in love and friendship . . .
to touch the heart of all men, women, and children in Hope Community Church and the community we live in; to offer hope and support to those who may not know Jesus, so that they may develop a personal relationship with Him.
Stay tuned for upcoming events!
For inquiries, contact  Greg  Stokes