Juneau, Alaska – a city of roughly 30,000 – is located in one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. It’s also one of the more remote: The only way to get into or out often is by boat or by airplane.
Because it’s geographically isolated and its weather is often gloomy, Juneau can be a spiritually dark place. We strive to be a light this summer in the community of Juneau – ministering to the locals. and encouraging the local body of believers.
Nigel will be leaving for Juneau by May 20th. You can keep track of his mission to evangelize and build relationships with the locals there, as well as his adventures through his blog,
“The Trailblazer.”
You can access it here.
Nigel needs both your prayer and financial support. His deadline for finances is May 15th. Please consider giving a donation to his mission at his giving page.
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