If you are a visual artist, you are invited to participate in Hope Community Church’s fine art exhibition entitled, “Empty: From Death to Life.”

Guidelines for participation include:

• All pieces should, in some way, help retell the Easter story as presented in biblical accounts

• Artwork should be submitted no later than March 24, 2019 to Hope Community Church

• Artwork should be ready for display when submitted (i.e. framed, mounted, etc.)

• Hope Community Church’s elders and/or their designees have the right of refusal of any artwork they deem inappropriate or contrary to holy scripture

• Art will be displayed in designated areas at Hope Community Church only

• All ages are encouraged to participate, including children

• Inquiries concerning submissions should be directed to Lou Kochanek, Director of Worship and the Arts at Hope Community Church

(email: lou@hopechurchagawam.org; phone: 413.885.4932)